The following excerpts are taken from crime victims and observers in cases Christine Mascal has prosecuted and  clients in civil cases.
We are no longer the victims of our lives....we are the Heroines!  

My life story has changed over the course of this trial.  I'm no longer defined by a confusing story that no one can understand or relate to.  My life is now one defined by power and justice.

Thank you Chris for all you have done for us!

B. G.

You literally have made our worlds better, Chris!  Your persistence, kindness and skill are an inspiration.  I'll never forget you- thank you for everything.

Ms. Mascal- so glad I can now call you Chris.  You're a rockstar!

Jury Foreperson - Sexual Assault Trial
This video is so powerful I am blinking back the tears.  Thank you so much for the job you do and for helping these women,  I don't know the right words for what I'm feeling, but I respect you and your work so much.
Words cannot express how impressed I am with your hard work in the case.  The level of professionalism, level headedness and preparedness was very impressive.  It was evident that you took the case seriously and put in countless hours to ensure that you were at your best every single day.

Bobbi B.
Christine has helped me understand so many things in our case.   She has been a tremendous help to me and I am truly grateful!